Monday, 19 March 2012

Perceptions of Performance

 This unit is comprised of a 2500 word essay-an  investigation into any genre of performance arts looking at the "cutting edge" that the particular discipline has to offer. Self titled.
I'm going for dance/circus or similar to tie into my SDP; ballet.

I have booked three performances so far to get me started and will back this up with my own investigations. The first of these performances was Balletboyz at the Lighthouse in Poole.

 I will be the first to admit that this is not normally something I would choose to go and see. I like my theatre to be classical, epic and full of exciting costumes. Nevertheless I went along with an open mind. Talented? Yes, there was no doubt that these Boyz were at the top of their game, choreographed with a mash up of contemporary ballet styles and techniques meets urban street dance and some exceptional displays of balance work. There was also some clever, if not bare lighting and the final of the three routines even had a theme i could follow, but i left the performance feeling uninspired.

My in depth experiences will form the basis of my investigation, ultimately exploring my own perception of performance in the new and contemporary edge of my chosen genre, branching out in to the populous of my peers to discover their views.

We have lectures over the following two months where guest speakers with relevant knowledge in the area will hopefully gives us something to consider.

For now i have my starting point and can really start to consider and explore why i feel the way i do about certain performances.

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