Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bodice Construction

Just a little update really. Whilst I have already said that I wont be giving a blow by blow account of the construction process on my blog it is nice to have a visual story.

After completing the pattern the next stage was to cut out the the bodice from the drill and satin. I took Dexter's advice and sat down at my ironing board to do all these stages in front of a few episodes of true Blood. I really enjoyed this process and took my time, but not too long and made sure everything was pristine and flat and that the two fabrics worked as one. The only real niggle was cutting the CF panel of the satin on the straight grain, as it wanted to snake left and right. I spent a good half hour trying to pin it down and still it isn't quite perfect, but don't worry I will be ready for that challenge next time.

Next step is cutting boning channels, making the channels and sewing them all on by hand and then cutting down SA ready for piping the top and bottom.

But for now photos :)

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