Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ballet Bodice Construction

Well, that was a very busy week. Less than two weeks to go before the end of the academic year for me, so it comes as no suprise really that I have not found the time to squeeze in an update before now.

But here it is. The bodice was up to the stage last time where it was ready to have the top and bottom edges piped and then slipstitched down to the back and then finishing off the CB's and putting on closures, ready to be attatched to the skirt before decoration is applied.

I found the slipper satin very hard to use as a piping material, it is exceptionally prone to twisting and wrinkling as you sew it and for some reason I found it hard to sew the material in snugly to the piping and as such I am not overly happy with the result. But my misgivings are for another more reflective post as I have much to muse over in terms of how I think the costume is turning out.

Here are some photos of where I am up to now, as well as some photos of the bodice pinned to my mannequin at home- although please note that my mannequin is larger than the bodice and so it is not sitting quite right and is not looking at its best.

I am also in the middle of levelling off the skirt layers and still have three more to do, once I am finished those photos can go up as well.

So left to do:
Put on hooks and bars
Finish levelling of tutu layers
Attach bodice and tutu
Put on invisibe straps to bodice
Decorate with dyed tulle petals by hand

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