Friday, 18 May 2012

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

In the last week of SDP the end is in sight and my costume is closing fast to the finish line. At the last check in the bodice was complete and so my next job was the levelling of the skirt.

 Out of all the images posted during the process I loved the white 'clouds' that gathered in the studio for this task. In fact they reminded me of the spider web trees.

The skirt needed to be levelled and graduated layer by layer and was a time consuming step of the process. Once complete the skirt was steamed to within an inch of its life to help the net lay flat and look fresh.

We presented as a group on Thursday as well. We had a collective of 18 minutes and all the tutu's were together on stage in their different stages and we each talked about different aspects of the unit such as context, construction, history and decoration as a few examples.

By this stage I had the costume looking more or less complete and I had pinned on a few of my petals for colour reference. We had two models on stage, one of which was in Dexter's sample, alas no photos of that! But altogether I could really see what they would look like as a Ballet Blanc Corps.

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