Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Romantic Tutu Skirt Construction Photos

Well, the mountain of tulle that was sitting at my machine last week has been magically transformed into an ethereal tutu by fairies.

Okay, so there were no fairies but I have carefully layered up the net onto the basque and will show via a large amount of photos just how each of the delicate layers, with increasing number of panels create this light, delicate and enchanting skirt.

It is all mounted onto the basque which has no knickers like a plate tutu, but instead the net stops at the bottom of the basque where a dancer will be wearing specialists tights underneath.
The skirt is now ready to have the layers levelled, as they are all different lengths at the moment(and also the skirt is generally too long coming almost to the ankles presently). Finally I need to add the fastenings at the back and then the skirt will be ready to attach to the bodice.

So here are the snaps of the basque, and then front side and back view of the skirt as I build up each layer.

Layer 1:

Layer 2:

Layer 3:

 Layer 4:

Layer 5:

Front shot of skirt all layers on in a better light.

Left to do at the moment is:

Levelling the skirt
Adding closures to the back
Cutting out petals for decoration and hand painting/dyeing them
Finishing the bodice piping and slip stitching
Finishing the back closures for the bodice
Pressing the bodice and attaching to the skirt
Application of decoration by hand

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  1. What fabric is the basque made of? I assume you want a sturdy fabric to hold up the layers of skirt.