Friday, 18 May 2012

What A Sylph

So here is a video of the Ballet Blanc that inspired the original costumes that were designed by the tutor for this unit. As these are the last photos I have of the costume before the SDP blog part of the unit comes to and end(I still have an extra two days for the costume) I thought it was quite fitting.

The costume itself is complete, having finished the levelling of the skirt, adding the invisible shoulder straps and finishing off the back closures since Thursday I have spent today attaching the bodice to the tutu by hand. Which turned out to take longer than expected.

The last stage is to add the decoration or the petals onto the costume by hand as seen in the design here.

There are to be 64 of them spread across the costume in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

The petals are made from the same net tulle as the skirt and have been painted with 5 gradual layers of dye-na-flow silk paint.
Here are the photos of the petal being pinned on in stages. As I sew them on by hand I will be re-adjusting them to get them perfect but here is the cosume ready for its last stage.

When hand in of this unit is complete on Monday and the costume on Wednesday I will take the final finished photos and post them up to see.

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