Tuesday, 31 July 2012

BFTW Live!

Well no one could ignore the London Olympic Opening Ceremony for the olympics last Friday. It was spectacular. But I was very excited to see the Weymouth Ceremony and conclusion of the opening saga Battle For the Winds on the Saturday night as the cultural olympiad brought the winds to Weymouth in a feast of theatricals and colour.

Moreover I was most looking forward to seeing the costume I had slaved over (there were about 60 hours of hand sewing alone involved) actually making up a part of the show- see here for original post.

It was amazing to see how well it worked as a specialised piece of costume, up in the air, and all the others look fabulous as well. I felt very proud of all the other students who worked so hard to make costume for such a large scale production and all the challenges that come alongside that responsibility.

Some photos!

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