Friday, 13 July 2012

Romantic Tutu- Green with Envy

So friends, I have been busy, busy, busy. I keep plugging away at this little beauty because what i really want to get to is the decoration.
There will be lots of delicate tulle flowers, beading and painting as well as applique, not to mention some bling crystal rhinestones.

The bodice is done, bar a few more closures. The skirt is almost nearing completion and I have at this point only the top layer left to cut out and gather; the top layer has 13 panels!

I have used a different material and colour for each layer, firstly to get an idea of how the different fabrics work and also because I want the colour of the skirt to be constantly changing, depending on how much/where and what light it is under. It is my hope that the almost garish glitter tulle at layer 3 still glimmer slightly through the layers.

Here are some photos of the fabrics pre cutting. Its not a bad likeness to the real colours.

There is tulle and a silky chiffon.

So far the layers go from the bottom:

spun sugar colour net(this is lovely and would look fab on its own covering all 40+ panels).

glitter tulle (making a mess everywhere)

apple green chiffon ( a bit bright on its own but boy does if flow lovely, besides it will be tempered by the layers above it)

Teal tulle net ( somehow when i went back to the store i came out with a slightly different net that was not as good as the first lot. Too late now, but you wouldn't notice really)

Liquid gold chiffon (last to go on, will hopefully tone in with the bodice whilst still showing the greens through underneath.

No pictures of the teal layer yet. Next time it should all be finished. Then I need to sit down and work out how I level the hems when it needs to have a jagged edge like the original inspiration photo.

I have discovered that I enjoy the chiffon; I am needing to use a different method for joining the panels, not the same way as the net, but it does look beautiful. Next on the list is a full chiffon tutu!

I have so many ideas that I want to realise, I am already dreaming up the next costume. Thinking peasant- maybe Coppelia inspired.

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