Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Snowy Mountain

Well at least in miniature; ever wondered how much tulle goes into a romantic tutu?
Nearly 12 metres and over 40 panels.

Its soft to work with though, not quite as tough on the hands as normal net, so it is piled high at my sewing machine currently waiting the time consuming process of joining the layers together.


This is turning out to be a week of trying to catch up with everything, so its not just the mountain at my machine I'm trying to get through. The main tutu more or less needs to be finished by this time next week ready for decoration, which will take a long time to apply successfully, but I feel as if I am on schedule so far, which is good because I still have a corset to make as part of the set some of us girls are making for a local burlesque troupe.
Just to make things extra interesting I've added on yet another little side project in the form of a Tangled Rapunzel dress for my daughter as there is an impending fancy dress party on the horizon...I have a few pictures to follow in the next post.

The further into the project I get the more I'm thinking about the 'self directed' aspect- I want to take this beyond what we are being taught and really own it, the way I have done with my other areas of interest. I have started collecting books(my secret habit) on the subject and spending time rifling through the interwebs and watching performances, live and on DVD in a bid to educate myself further and to see what else is out there.
I'm thinking I would like to draft up another bodice and/or make another skirt in a different shape or out of a different material, but this will really be dependant on time. Even if I don't get around to more during the unit, I have the bug now and I want to explore and build upon my knowledge base, which means that I will keep making and understanding more each time.

But for now I return to the layers of soft tulle, which already are taking on a distinctly magical feel.

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