Sunday, 15 July 2012


So I went to see the burlesque show featuring the corset I had made for Once Upon A Tease.

 The show was good and the girls look super sleek and sexy in the corsets. I was dissapointed to hear that apparently some of the girls were slipping out of their corsets (I'm talking pasties on view here) during their routine. I was suprised to be honest and assured the troupe leader Sam that I would help to rectify the problem, but I later noticed that none of the girls had been cinched and tied properly into their corsets at all.

This of course is the reason for it, yet I'm still going to have a look at all the corsets on in a weeks time, just in case. But obviously as the corsets were made to fit the girls once tied properly into the corsets, then no wonder they are not fitting properly loose. I am aware they need to remove them, but this is why I built a split zip into the side of the full body corset in the first place. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Unfortunately I am also still waiting for access to/ copies of the professional photographs, which despite chasing, have not shown up yet. Without putting a downer on the whole experience, this was a job the girls(from my course) and myself took on without a monetary fee during the busiest and most demanding time during our degree this year- because we were assured that we would get portfolio quality photos and to be accredited to the website- neither of which has happened yet.
I'm starting to become very aware that in this business there is a fine line as what you take on, when you are not actually getting *paid* for it. I'm very happy to work without pay when both myself and the client have a mutual understanding of gain, but without wanting to be rude, I dont just give away my specialist skills for free, because to be frank, it's taking the jimmy riddle.

Rant over, i did manage to get some photos, so I will share these with you and will in the mean time, ask again where the photos are.

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