Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Ballet Romantic Tutu In Progress

Okay, so its been a while since my last post, but in my defence I have been very, very busy.

In my last post on ballet where I was finishing up the white classic romantic tutu I spoke briefly about what I wanted to do next- well I have already started because I wanted to carry on with all the new skills fresh in my mind.

I am also really pleased to say that I secure a first grading for the ballet 'self directed project' which reflected how hard i worked.

But onwards! This is the image of the ROH Sleeping Beauty Act 2 Wood nymphs from where I gained my inspiration:

And here is a link to a youtube clip of the same costumes in action:

I have already been fabric shopping locally, which means there was only a limited choice, but alas, London is expensive to get to from here. Still I came away with a cotton velvet and crepe back satin in a deep ivy green for the bodice and soft tulles in teal, cream with gold glitter and golden spun sugar. Also silky chiffons in apple green and caramel gold with a beautiful shot silk dupion in genn and gold for decoration.

Its a different colour pallette to the original but then I am only using the original as a starting point. To learn new skills I wanted to practise using the chiffon and I also like how the different layers work all together, giving different flashes of colour, especially as some of the layers of the skirt are cut shorter. I will get a photo of the fabrics soon to put up.

In the mean time I have mapped out the bodice, using different photos to guess at the shape and number of panels- I think I am close, but I cant be sure. Either way the bodice has come out a lovely shape with 6 panel per side and a modesty panel of skin tone powernet will be added across the front after the bodice is complete.

Now for some photos:

The bodice is coming together really quickly- much quicker than the white tutu, and I am currently handsewing in the bones. once I have done this all I need to do is the piping and the back closures and I am ready to start the basque and the skirt layers. I am going to decorate towards the end and then put in the powernet at the front of the bodice- should have some more photos up soon.

I have also applied for woork experience at the Royal Opera House in the women's workroom, so fingers crossed for that.

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