Friday, 16 March 2012

Concepts in Context Assessment

I had my assessment in front of two tutors for CIC today, for the Olympic opening ceremony costume appearing in Battle For the Winds I find it a really refreshing way of having your work marked as i think it is important to get used to having your work critiqued.

It was quite long winded so I am not going to go into all the details but i think it is important to get down a few points:

Because this was a costume for an aerialist performer, what i have learnt in this unit will extrapolate very well across to SDP, as well on what i need to improve on.

My tutors agreed that my problem solving on this unit had been excellent and that the costume looked very well made. In regard to the petal skirt and what it did upside down one tutor said that she "really didn't expect from looking at it that it was going to act in that way", referring to the fact that when upside down all of the petals were away from the harness area.

They thought however that although i had done a lot to make the costume delicate the area i needed to work on most was my "eye for line", the aesthetics and getting the most out of the costume to show off the beauty of the artists body during performance.

The trim i had pinned to the back was completely wrong, which they could see straight away, yet somehow i had failed to notice did not work at all.

As a result i am working trough these problems and making some changes.

But this brings me to SDP and really gives me some things to focus on:

  1. Really consider my eye for line. Look at the aesthetics more closely and make sure i am getting the most flattering shapes.
  2. Really consider what trims are added. If it is not enhancing the costume, it does not need to go on.
  3. Stand back, and then stand further back. Do not get tunnel vision or in too close, see what the audience sees.
  4. Make sure I am always pushing to move my processes on, and change what needs to be changed. In order to become a better practitioner I must not stagnate and must be open to the opinions of others who have more experience than myself.
  5. Do not become "too precious" about a costume, things change, artist get changed, deadlines moves forward. Live projects are a very different beast, listen and communicate as much as possible with the designer. Speak up if you think there are problems with choices that have been taken out of my hands.

I think there are some very important points in here and i know that if i keep them in mind through SDP then i will really move on in my practise.

I will put the finished pictures up when the costume is complete, for now and in progress shot...

For now i need to work on finishing this costume alongside SDP.
My time plan is this:

Finish applying all the net by hand, including making the changes by next WED (21st). Meet designer at 3.30 to show her the progress.
Spend the FRI (23rd) in the studio, baby overlock the silk to be added to the net bodice, finish armoholes and neck. If i have time finish the binding of the net edges. Hand back mannequin and collect deposit.
2nd-10th- Add all the surface decoration by hand. Finish off anything else left to do, post pictures via facebook to designer, so she can okay it.
10th April. Completed costume to be handed in.

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