Monday, 19 March 2012

Silver Overbust Update

So, amidst my busy schedule I have managed to keep momentum going on this piece of shiney. 22 external channels have now been stitched to the corset, ready for boning to support the shell of the corset.

I have found that due to the curvy shape of this corset it has needed a large amount of boning to help the fabric stay taught and structural in the right places. In fact im not sure if it still needs another channel in the back panel. Bones have been ordered from Vena Cava and this is what is left to do:

Cut in the curving shape on the hip gores
Decide if there will be quilting in the hip gores- and if so do it.
Insert boning when it arrives
Put in lining(already assembled)
Make self bias binding and bind top and bottom
Add the eyelets to the bust for closure
Add fur trim and swarvoski crystals

Sounds like a lot, the hard work is over though so the rest should not take more than 8 hours in total.

Im still hoping to have the second corset finished by 30th March.
Considering i havn't even completed a mock up yet, this is unlikely considering what else i have to do in the next two weeks.
I have however completed the 1st pattern draft today. For this i have enlarged a pattern from Corsets and Crinolines to the correct scale and adjusted it to fit my measurements. i have never made a corset using this method before, so this is partly an experiment due to lack of time and partly an experiment just to see how this way of working pans out.

It will be an underbust cincher, but with fan lacing, made to fit myself * I really should make more corsets for different models*- in either the green metallic silk or lime green silk with contrasting brights(pink or blue)

Fan lacing example:

I have been wanting to try this for ages. As it is just a cincher there will only be one fan lacing like above, but i want to try three sets on a long line overbust at some ponint i.e at bust waist and hips, but now im getting off the point. This is what the pattern looks like so far..

So there will be more updates to follow once i have made a mock up or have gotten a bit further on with the silver.

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